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with a GPS Tracker

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Did you know that in the UK close to 400 000 bikes are stolen each year? Locking your bike isn’t enough these days. What if we told you that there’s a simple way of locating your bike if it does get stolen?

We have developed a GPS tracking system called the PREDATOR 2.0,  it is easily and securely fitted onto the seat post. It has been designed with strength, longevity and security in mind and it gives you a better chance to recover your bike if it is taken.

Predator works with both GPS satellites thus provides real-time tracking. It keeps in touch with you via email if your bike is moved but you can open the tracking software any time to see where it is and where it’s been.

Track Anything


Keep your bikes more secure with the Predator. The new Predator 2.0 does not require a SIM card, all communications are free for 5 years and it has a new SOS sensor. The mobile app for the tracker is free of charge.

Scooters and Motorbikes

They are quick, convenient and economical, which also makes them an easy target for thieves. Get our Hunter tracker that connects directly to the battery as well as having an ignition switch shut off system, with our latest hardware and a free app.

Caravans & Motorhomes

We don’t use our camping equipment all year round and they are vulnerable to theft, why not get a Hunter B with the latest hardware and the free tracker app for your friends and family. 

Farm Equipment

Most all tractors now have their own tracking device but it is usually wired directly in to the battery. The Hunter B range is an ideal solution because it’s using GPS and SIGFOX communication infrastructure.

Fleet Management

By keeping track of your vehicles you’ll be able to understand how your drivers perform, update clients with ETA, reduce insurance cost and track a stolen vehicle. Our Hunter and Hunter B trackers are using GPS and SIGFOX communication infrastructure..

Personal SOS and Pet Tracker

Keep your family and friends informed and up to date with your progress by using the SOS function as a ‘way point’ message using the Guardian and Guardian 2 tracker. You may also use it for your pets or farm animals.

The New Predator 2.0

The PREDATOR has been designed with strength, longevity and security in mind and gives you a better chance to recover your bike if it is taken.

The PREDATOR has been specifically design for bikes in mind, however the technology can be utilised on any type of vehicle. It can be used on cars, motorcycles, boats, tractors, and scooters.
Just knowing you have a PREDATOR on your bike will give you comfort and an extended battery life you will improve your chances of recovering your bike when it goes missing.

Predator works with GPRS networks and GPS satellites which provides real-time tracking.


SIGFOX Motion Sensor

The location computation is based on the data from the Sigfox infrastructure, coming from several replicas of the same messages sent by a device and received by different base stations. The method used is not based on flight time or signal Doppler shift, but on the signal strength (RSSI – Received Signal Stren- gth Indicator) using a probability model (the location with the highest probability is selected). The Sigfox Geolocation service will evolve in 2017 to increase its accuracy by using Machine Learning technology.

SOS Alert

The SOS Alert is specifically designed to send messages just in case you are unable. Should you find yourself off your bike for any reason for example if you are hit by a car or hit a something in the road or on the trails. If you are alone and can not call for emergency assistance, the PREDATOR 2.0 can, you are able to set up three friends or family to contact automatically. When they receive the alert they can get in touch with you, if you do not respond they know exactly where you are and send for the emergency services directly to you.

5 Year Battery Life

The energy pack used in our trackers are multiple Energizer 3600 mAh AA lithium batteries.The unique way in which SIGFOX sensors and devices communicate to their mobile devices has made astonishing battery life possible. Purchase new batteries from us after 5 years or return your PREDATOR for a discount on the most updated version.

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