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In mid July 2016 another theft occurred, no bother it happens all the time, every day in fact. This time it wasn’t the neighbours or someone who I have never met, no it was me, my garage was broken in to, the chains holding my bike securely to the D-Lock… severed.

Two years earlier I purchased my ideal bike and from the day it was stolen I swore I would never buy another expensive ‘perfect bike’ until I could track it if it did get stolen.

The insurance company was great, paid out on the bike with great big smiles on their faces, knowing full well now I had been a victim, my premiums would sky rocket. I asked if them if they could recommend a company who could sell me a tracking device, never heard of that they said.

So two months later I went to the cycle show to find a tracker but to my surprise there were none, there were however, a load of companies who said if I found one let them know too.

That was the moment I decided to make a way to track my bike and the PREDATOR was born, one year later TRIBE TRACKER exhibited at the Birmingham Cycle Show and launched the PREDATOR to the masses.

We have put together a great team and are now working with several companies on new initiative products to add to the family of trackers.

We look forward to helping you keep your bikes and vehicles that much more safe.

Meet the team

Richard Macken

Richard Macken

Managing Director

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith


Technical Director of TRIBE TRACKER and designer of the PREDATOR

Mike Bartley

Mike Bartley


Sales manager of the company

Amy Bayliss

Amy Bayliss

Social Media Guru

Amy has been instrumental in getting the word out via all the social sites.

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