Itʼs been a very long time since I have done a exhibition and never have I gone to one to specifically launch a product. It is easier to sell a product that people know about and even have heard of competitors but when you have a brand new product, you need to explain all the features and benefits, how to use it and then be specific about the technical side of your product.

Well this year that is exactly what the team and I did at the NEC Cycle Show. We had a wonderful response on the trade day, much more interest from the E-Bike community and we even had interest from a local local London police officer. There was also a Sea Scout group that used one of our new products, The Guardian which is a go anywhere device being water proof and it has an SOS button should they have needed to call for assistance during their 100 mile adventure trek from London to the midlands.

We were very lucky to have Canyon Bikes agree to show how the Predator works as we had it fitted on one of the road bike on the test track. The whole Canyon team were very helpful and as it turned out were able to show how many miles it went over the 3 days and how many times it was used. It was tough but very rewarding and I would like to thank Michael, Amy and Richard for making the show an absolute success and I look forward to keeping you updated with everything Tribe Tracker are doing in the future.