Predator 2.0 now available for pre-order

Predator 2.0 now available for pre-order

Our new bike tracker

The Predator 2.0 been designed and built from the ground up by our engineers in co-operation with SIGFOX communications. Using their propritory sensors and circut boards, which are smaller and less power hungry resources with longer range connection to keep more accurate location tracking.


The Seat Post

Isn’t the most exciting or interesting part of your bike but at least now it becomes a useful and valuable piece of technology. Our trackers’ antenna are integral to the supplied carbon fibre seat post, it is the best material to allow constant connection to the towers and satellites.

Predator 2.0 tracker antenna is integral to the carbon fibre seat post - Tribe Tracker

Motion sensor

The motion sensor is designed to ensure that you are alerted if your bike gets stolen and only if it moves 3 meters from its last location.

Motion sensor used in the new Predator 2.0 - Tribe Tracker

Mobile App

The Application is a first class iOS and Android app bespoke designed to keep you in touch with your bike, easy to use and update. What is more important is that it keeps you informed only when it is necessary.

A first class iOS and Android app for your Predator 2.0 - Tribe Tracker

5 Years battery life

The energy pack used in our trackers are multiple Energizer 3600 mAh AA lithium batteries.The unique way in which SIGFOX sensors and devices communicate to their mobile devices has made astonishing battery life possible. Purchase new batteries from us after 5 years or return your PREDATOR for a discount on the most updated version.

 Power Source for Predator - Tribe Tracker

No PAYG contract

All trackers come with a full 5 year communications package which includes 50 messages per day and if you have a situation where your vehicle is stolen we will increase your allocation until you have recovered it. We can not guarantee you get your bike back but we want make sure you are given every advantage!


SOS Alert

The SOS Alert is specifically designed to send messages just in case you are unable. Should you find yourself off your bike for any reason for example if you are hit by a car or hit a something in the road or on the trails. If you are alone and can not call for emergency assistance, the PREDATOR 2.0 can, you are able to set up three friends or family to contact automatically. When they receive the alert they can get in touch with you, if you do not respond they know exactly where you are and send for the emergency services directly to you.